End of Season Stock Clearance - TOUR-TEC PRO Performance Polo Shirt - Now £10.00

UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC Performance Polo Shirt is exclusive to www.unsquashable.com and worn by our growing stable of international players, including James Willstrop, Joel Makin, Josh Masters, Iker Pajares Bernabeu, George Parker, Patrick Rooney and Charlie Lee.

UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC Performance Polo Shirt
Available in Black, White & Red

The UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC Performance Polo Shirt uses the latest sportswear technologies, featuring specifically designed fibres which wick moisture away from the skin making it quick drying and breathable to assist optimum performance. Combining stylish design, originality and thoughtful craftsmanship with the latest fabrics and garment innovations, UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC apparel is used exclusively by all UNSQUASHABLE sponsored players and brand ambassadors.

Inspired by Jahangir Khan, UNSQUASHABLE is committed to developing equipment that is used by the world’s leading players because UNSQUASHABLE believe that engineering equipment for professional competition makes for a better product for the everyday player.

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