Jahangir Khan remembers the 1993 WSF World Team Championships when Pakistan beat Australia

Congratulations to England and Egypt on reaching today’s final of the WSF World Team Championships in Marseille and good luck to both teams.

Today’s final might be the last appearance for some of the players who will contest a World Team final which reminds me of my final World Team Championships appearance in 1993 when Pakistan defeated Australia in Karachi.
Again, Pakistan had a very strong team and alongside myself were represented by Jansher Khan, Zarak Jahan Khan and Mir Zaman Gul.
In our pool matches we lost 2-1 to Australia but beat New Zealand 3-0 and Egypt 2-1, and In the semi-finals we beat England 2-1 to face Australia again in an emotionally charged final.
In the final Zarak Jahan Khan beat Rodney Eyles 9-4 9-2 6-9 2-9 10-9 and Jansher beat Rodney Martin 9-2 9-0 9-0 after I’d beaten Brett Martin 6-9 9-1 9-5 9-3.
One of my proudest days!
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