The ASICS Gel Beyond 5 Squash Shoe returns with improved technologies and striking new cosmetics. Featuring some of ASICS latest innovations, the ASICS Gel Beyond 5 offers extra cushioning and increased levels of bounce-back helping to reduce fatigue during a game. Comfort and cushioning are the two main features of the ASICS Gel Beyond 5, making it ideally suited to a player searching for a supportive and snug fitting shoe.

The ASICS Gel Beyond squash show is a fast and dynamic high-performance shoe. It incorporates the ASICS Speed I.G.S. system designed to provide less weight, a direct ground feel and loads of energetic propulsion.

The cushioning elements in ASICS shoes are made of GEL, a silicone-based material that absorbs impact very efficiently.

Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoes.

ASICS has decoupled the lacing system into individual segments to ensure a tailor-made fit. Lacing tension can be even better adapted to individual running styles and is more directly transmitted via each pair of eyelets.

ASICS’ dedicated, continuous research and innovation in collaborating with world-class players throughout the men’s and women’s PSA World Tour means that ASICS understands the needs of the modern sportsperson, helping to continually improve its products.

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