The ASICS Gel Blast 7 squash shoes incorporate premium features making it high traction, quick and light, but also well supported for indoor courts. It is a shoe packed full of technology with great levels of stability, comfort and shock absorption for those who want to hit the court hard.

Open Mesh Upper
The Asics Gel Blast 7 Indoor shoe’s upper is constructed from an Open Mesh which provides excellent comfort and breathability. It allows fresh air to permeate the interior keeping the foot cool, dry and comfortable. Asics’ heavily researched Dynamic Wrap technology works in unison with the Open-Mesh to support the midfoot during fast movements and jumping. The strategically placed wraps will guide the foot to a powerful re-supination. Flexion Fit Vamp engineering offers stability, comfort and extra breathability, and combines with the aforementioned technologies to provide a reliable fit, feel and greater functionality.

Asics’ Pguard reinforced rubber/resin compound has been incorporated into the upper to protect the shoe. Pguard is located at the forefoot and provides increased durability and protection out on the court. Lastly on the upper construction, P.H.F. (Personalized Heel Fit) is 2 layers of memory foam that line the collar and mould to the athlete’s heel, creating a personalized fit and The asymmetrical lacing system follows the curve on top of the foot in a natural way to ensure a perfect fit and less friction.

Solyte Midsole Cushioning
The midsole of the Gel Blast 7 features Asics’ Solyte midsole compound, a proprietary cushioning material that provides exceptionally lightweight cushioning with excellent bounce-back and durability. Solyte also delays midsole breakdown, to ensure that your shoes have that new cushioned feeling for longer. A DuoMax dual-density midsole system is also incorporated to enhance support and stability, and positioned sport-specifically to maximise its performance for those playing court sports. Forefoot GEL reduces the loading forces as the foot moves into propulsion, thereby improving performance and minimising the risk of injury through joint strain.

Asics have also deployed their Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.) into the Gel Blast 7’s midsole. I.G.S. is an Asics design philosophy that aims to make the shoe components from rear to midfoot and forefoot to work together effectively to allow the body to perform in a natural manner. ASICS designers strive to compliment, not correct, how the legs and feet move.

Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber Outsole
The Gel-blast 7’s outsole is created from Asics AHAR+, a new blown rubber outsole material that delivers enhanced cushioning, durability and ride to the wearer. This works in unison with the NC Rubber – also deployed in the outsole – which contains more natural rubber content than traditional solid rubber, resulting in enhanced traction on courts for greater stability, and enhanced agility. Flex Grooves have been etched into the outsole to provide a more natural ride, and ensure that the maximum pressure is exerted on the outsole at all times for greater traction.

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