The ASICS Gel Rocket 9 squash shoe is the new line of shoe, which continues on from the Asics Gel Rocket 8 squash shoe. The shoe provides great breathability with a mesh top and has great fit and great support with sufficient amount of padding around the back of ankle.

The Open MESH upper is a seamless, very airy and breathable upper construction that keeps the foot comfortable at all times, provides a perfect fit and effectively eliminates skin irritation.

The cushioning elements in ASICS shoes are made of GEL, a silicone-based material that absorbs impact very efficiently.

Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoes.

Compound containing more natural rubber content than traditional solid rubber, resulting in enhanced traction on court systems.

Forefoot GEL, EVA midsole, Removable EVA Sock-liner

ASICS’ dedicated, continuous research and innovation in collaborating with world-class players throughout the men’s and women’s PSA World Tour means that ASICS understands the needs of the modern sportsperson, helping to continually improve its products.

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