Both UNSQUASHABLE players had stern tests ahead of them in the round of 16 at the Windy City Open in Chicago yesterday.

Joel Makin was up against World No. 7 Diego Elias whom he last beat at the Tournament of Champions in January. However, the Peruvian Puma avenged his defeat against Joel in three close games. A close match in the first went the way of Elias on the tie-break, and he took control of the court in the second with Joel mostly reacting to shots throughout the games. At 10-4 match-ball down in the third, Joel managed to rattle off a quick succession of points to come within a 2-point distance, but was unable to go further as a loose shot allowed Elias a winner.

Iker Pajares Bernabeu went up against World Champion Tarek Momen in his match, and upped his game to take a set from the Egyptian. The first two sets went quick, both due to Momen’s game and a few errors by Iker. In the third however, a couple of errors by Momen gave Iker the lead, and in the latter stages of the game, Iker pushed further to take the game 11-9. Unfortunately that feat could not be repeated in the fourth as Momen was determined to finish the game as quickly as possible, winning 3-1 in 46 minutes.

Iker Pajares Bernabeu uses the UNSQUASHABLE Y-TEC PRO racket which is available exclusively from www.unsquashable.com

Joel Makin uses the UNSQUASHABLE JOEL MAKIN AUTOGRAPH racket which is available exclusively from www.unsquashable.com

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