Jahangir Khan is universally recognised as the world’s greatest ever player, winning a record 10 consecutive British Open titles from 1982 to 1993.

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The limited edition JAHANGIR KHAN British Open Commemorative Shirt is a high quality, stylish round neck performance shirt ideal for training and competition play as well as general leisure wear.

Between 1982 and 1991 Jahangir Khan won 10 consecutive British Open titles: 

1982 Jahangir Khan bt Hiddy Jahan 9-2 10-9 9-3

1983 Jahangir Khan bt Gamal Awad 9-2 9-5 9-1

1984 Jahangir Khan bt Qamar Zaman 9-0 9-3 9-5

1985 Jahangir Khan bt Chris Dittmar 9-3 9-2 9-5

1986 Jahangir Khan bt Ross Norman 9-6 9-4 9-6

1987 Jahangir Khan bt Jansher Khan 9-6 9-0 9-5

1988 Jahangir Khan bt Rodney Martin 9-2 9-10 9-0 9-1

1989 Jahangir Khan bt Rodney Martin 9-2 3-9 9-5 0-9 9-2

1990 Jahangir Khan bt Rodney Martin 9-6 10-8 9-1

1991 Jahangir Khan bt Jansher Khan 2-9 9-4 9-4 9-0

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