Despite the challenges of the current pandemic, UNSQUASHABLE is today celebrating an important milestone in its history.
On this day in 1991, Jahangir Khan defeated compatriot Jansher Khan 2-9 9-4 9-4 9–0 in the final of the British Open in London to win a record-breaking tenth British Open title – an achievement many believe will never be beaten.
Visit YOUTUBE to witness archive footage of Jahangir’s momentous occasion.
Since the current season was abruptly suspended, we have endeavoured to increase awareness on social media around the hashtags #UNSQUASHABLE & #beinspired.
We have sought to create a space online for squash players around the world to share their stories & we are reaching out to our customers & followers to ask if you could contribute content by talking about your own experiences & sharing how you are staying motivated during these challenging times.
We hope that you will join in by sharing your stories on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK & don’t forget to use the hashtags #UNSQUASHABLE & #beinspired which remind us that we will get through this together.
Jahangir Khan is synonymous with squash & UNSQUASHABLE. He is universally recognised as the world’s greatest ever player and an athlete who transcended his sport to be acknowledged as the world’s greatest ever sportsman. Throughout his record breaking career Jahangir set the bar so high that precious few others have come close to, never mind surpassing his achievements:

Youngest World Amateur Champion (aged 15)
Youngest British Open & World Champion (aged 17)
Unbeaten in 555 consecutive matches over 5 years and 8 months – the longest winning streak of any sportsman
10 time British Open Champion (1982-1993)
6 time World Champion
Played the longest squash match in history (2 hours, 46 minutes)

29 years since his record-breaking tenth British Open title Jahangir Khan, who used UNSQUASHABLE rackets throughout his record breaking career, continues to be at the forefront of everything we do:
If History Is An Indication, You’re Looking At The Future

Inspired by Jahangir Khan, UNSQUASHABLE is committed to developing equipment that is used by the world’s leading players because UNSQUASHABLE believe that engineering equipment for professional competition makes for a better product for the everyday player.
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