Khans Unlimited: A History of Squash in Pakistan explains how the Khan family have not only dominated the sport, but have widened the dimensions of the game, influenced its philosophy & technique, taught it in countries all over the world & stimulated its growth as an international sport.

With the legendary Hashim Khan leading the way, the mighty Khans of Pakistan have dominated squash for over five decades.
Until the 1950s squash was a game of the privileged classes, however most of its Pakistani masters came from humble backgrounds, forced to contend with poverty, sorrow & hardship in many forms. Their only assets were a God-give gift for the game & an indomitable spirit.
Khans Unlimited: A History of Squash in Pakistan is colourful & romantic, told with feeling for the game & its players by an author Dicky Rutnagur who watched these stalwarts on court, travelled the world with them & who regarded many of them as his friends.
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