UNSQUASHABLE is committed to developing equipment to be used by the world’s leading players because we believe that engineering equipment for professional competition makes for better product for the everyday player.

UNSQUASHABLE builds high-performance products because UNSQUASHABLE is a high-performance organisation. Our engineers place product quality and performance before anything else, before productivity or ease of manufacture. Our success stems from our unrivalled commitment.

UNSQUASHABLE products are unique, combining thoughtful engineering, originality and craftsmanship, featuring new technical innovations, used on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour by many of the world’s leading players, who increasingly benchmark UNSQUASHABLE for design, engineering & quality.

The UNSQUASHABLE Brand: In the international market it is the values of the brand which have become crucial to its success or failure.

The time has passed when technical advantages alone can sell a product. It is the attitudes to a brand and the emotional and non-material values associated with it, that create sales. The battle among brands is for positions of strength in the eyes of the consumer. This is the field on which companies fight it out. Consumers don’t simply buy products, they buy attitudes.

UNSQUASHABLE is a true international brand with a distinguished heritage; our consumers are genuinely global, becoming more homogenous and unified by common interests, trends and technologies. So the more global harmony there is between the market’s view of the company and the company’s view of itself, the stronger the UNSQUASHABLE personality.

Only an organisation which wants the same things and moves in the same direction will be able to differentiate its Brand.

UNSQUASHABLE need to be consistent in:

The way we see ourselves

The way we would like to be seen

The way we are seen by others

A consistent Brand contains security and credibility for the consumer and supplies a “reason why” for the workforce


Before we look at the Brand going forward, it is important to see where we have come from and what have been the Brand’s defining moments.

UNSQUASHABLE has been the most successful squash specialist brand and rose to prominence through Jahangir Khan who used UNSQUASHABLE throughout his record breaking career.

The name Jahangir Khan is synonymous with squash – a man universally recognised as the world’s greatest ever player and an athlete who transcended his sport to be acknowledged as world’s greatest ever sportsman. A man who set the bar so high, precious few others have come close, never mind surpass his achievements.

Throughout his record breaking career, Jahangir Khan used and was synonymous with only one brand: UNSQUASHABLE.

Inspired by the sport’s greatest ever player, UNSQUASHABLE is the most focused and committed brand in squash.

Other leading players to use UNSQUASHABLE include former World No.1 and World Champion Leilani Joyce, former World Junior Champion Sohail Qaiser, World No.7 and European Champion Derek Ryan, 9-time German Champion Hansi Wiens and Spanish Champion Victor Montserrat.

UNSQUASHABLE manufacturing and R&D facilities are second to none.

Founded in 1997 UNSQUASHABLE has an impressive and distinguished heritage on which to build and match our glorious past.

internationalSPORTgroup™ plan to rejuvenate UNSQUASHABLE so it becomes as relevant in the 21st century as it was in the 20th.


Inspired by Jahangir Khan, UNSQUASHABLE aim to inspire a new generation of committed younger squash players.

To achieve this UNSQUASHABLE need to capture the passion, emotion and inner strength of squash by demonstrating a real understanding of what motivates squash players.

No other Brand tries as hard to understand the needs of squash players

Perception is everything

UNSQUASHABLE is an aspirational brand, with fantastic R&D facilities that produces quality squash products. We are ‘INSPIRED BY JAHANGIR KHAN – MADE TO WIN’.

UNSQUASHABLE Branding Imperative No.1:

Fully and accurately factor the consumer into the branding equation

Recognise what consumers know and don’t know about brands

Recognise what consumers want and don’t want from brands

Recognise how consumers actually make decisions

Recognise consumer diversity

UNSQUASHABLE Brand Mission: To bring inspiration and innovation to every squash player in the world – if you make the effort to get on court, you are a squash player.



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Establish an active public voice & presence on the Web

Allow consumers to engage at a deep & broad level

Complement & reinforce other communications

Ensure innovation & relevance

But remember … not everyone participates actively in social media

Only some of the consumers want to get involved with

Only some of the brands they use

Only some of the time