The PSA World Championship kicked off earlier today and with 5 players in the first round draw UNSQUASHABLE were looking to dominate this prestigious tournament.

A quality performance for Joel Makin as he breezes into the second round after beating rising English star Richie Fallows in the first round, winning 11-9 11-2 15-13. He will now take on Mohamed Elsherbini in the second who, in Makins current form, should be a win-able match foe Joel.

James Willstrop clashed with fellow UNSQUASHABLE ambassador George Parker and they had a tough contest but James used his experience to overcome Parker to win 3-0. He will now take on Youseff Ibrahim in the second round.

Iker Pajares Bernabeu was unfortunate to go 2-1 up and have to pull out due to an injury and Todd Harrity was unable to make it through the first round, losing a tough 3-0 after a decent performance first match back from injury.

Joel Makin uses the UNSQUASHABLE Joel Makin Autograph Racket

James Willstrop uses the UNSQUASHABLE James Willstrop Racket

Iker Pajares Bernabeu uses the UNSQUASHABLE Y-TEC Pro Racket

Todd Harrity uses the UNSQUASHABLE TODD HARRITY Racket


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