The main match of the event saw England take on Egypt in the final. With a team made up of three world champions, the English team had an uphill battle from the very beginning. A marathon match of more than 90 minutes with Declan James losing out to Karim Abdel Gawad and Adrian Waller losing to World No. 1 Ali Farag meant that Egypt had won without James Willstrop needing to play the third tie.

Todd Harrity managed to end his MWTC campaign on a high after beating Canada’s Shawn Delierre in straight sets. After a comfortable start in the first, Todd had to fend off Delierre in the second, just scraping by with a 15-13 win. He then closed out the last set 11-8, giving USA the win and placing them 13th in the tournament.

In the 7-8th placing matches, Rory Stewart was first up against the Spanish third-string Carlos Cornes Ribadas. Rory raced to a 6-2 start in the first game, but was unable to keep it up, falling to Ribadas 11-8. The next three games was a see-saw battle between the two, with Rory taking the second and fourth in commanding fashion, and Ribadas claiming the third. The fifth and final game was the toughest as the scores were close throughout before Ribadas pulled away with a 11-8 win after a total of 70 minutes.

After Greg Lobban evened the score for Scotland against Spain in yet another marathon match, the decider was to be played between Alan Clyne and Iker Pajares. Having lost the first game 11-0, Iker then had to retire 6-2 in the second set due to injury, giving Scotland the win and 7th place.


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