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10 Questions & Answers around the world of squash courts!

Squash Court Cost: “What is the price for a Squash Court?”
Squash Court Glass: “What makes the difference?”
Squash Court Construction: “How to build a Squash Court?”
Squash Court Specifications: “What are these regulations for?”
Squash Court Design: “Is it a big deal, or just four walls?”
Squash Glass Court: “How to create the best presentation for squash?”
Squash Court Repair: “Do I need to refurbish my squash courts on a regular basis?”
Squash Court Lighting: “At which requirements I have to look at?”
Space: “What are the benefits of movable side walls?”
Outdoor Squash: “How does it work?”

When a squash ball hits a wall at high speed a mini-vacuum is generated. This vacuum arises because the part of the ball, hitting the wall first immediately leaves the wall again. With the even smallest unevenness this mini vacuum causes small parts of the plaster to be sucked from the wall. The ASB system 40 wall prevents this phenomenon lastingly.

The ASB Carrier Panel is fixed to the existing wall and is aligned vertically and horizontally. ASB technology helps to keep the distance between existing wall and carrier panels. Like the system 100 wall, this cavity is filled with fire-dried silica sand, which is compressed. After this installation, the surface is without any visible joints and is covered with the ASB coating.

In its specifications the World Squash Federation (WSF) reduced the dimensions for renovated courts by 8 cm each in width and length for renovations and made these dimensions standard. For more information on this product please click here

The ASB SystemCourt is the classic squash court and used all over the world. Builders and users have always esteemed the high quality of this brand so that the ASB System court started its triumphant success throughout the world. You will find ASB courts in many national association training centres and ASB courts have been used at each of the Commonwealth Games venues, in Kuala Lumpur, Manchester and Melbourne, since squash made its debut in 1998. Production of the ASB SquashCourts is carried out with highest technical precision and is constantly monitored by experts.

They are delivered throughout the world, carefully packed into containers and installed by ASB supervisors at the destination. Every time a real quality product is handed over, it comes with the most thorough testing history imaginable, with millions of squash balls testing all of our courts over more than 30 years.

The world’s leading squash players, TV production companies and tournament promoters have frequently voiced their opinion that ASB courts are the best: for playing characteristics, aesthetic qualities and stunning visual appearance.

The ASB SquashCourt consists of self-carrying wall elements – which means that it stands independently of the surrounding building walls. Therefore the Court cannot be harmed by static cracks of a building or thermal influences and it reliably absorbs sound. The distance to the existing walls or the carrying building construction is chosen in a way that the court is not influenced. For more information on this product please click here

Wall Structure of an ASB SystemCourt – System 100
The carrying construction of the ASB system wall consists of aluminium profiles. These profiles are covered with high-density panels from both sides. These panels are produced to ASB’s specifications. The cavity in the middle is filled with silicate sand at the site. The squash wall gets the required surface hardness by this filling, which is ideal for squash.

The ASB system wall’s design has dimension accuracy. Connections are solved innovatively and precisely. Our technicians’ painstaking work solves many problems for the contractors with regard to squash – the ASB SystemCourt can be played on immediately after its installation.

Our high quality entails obligations. Constant quality control ensures a constant top-quality product. ASB’s eagerness to innovate gives the client certainty to buy a product which is always up to the best available technology. For more information on this product please click here

ASB TPOINT is he first smart outdoor squash courts, which will be located in amazing locations throughout the city. ASB TPOINT is more than just a court. It`s a social hub.

We believe that by bringing squash from “hidden” areas to visible outdoor places around the city, the number of participants will increase each year by exposing squash as a healthy, competitive, fun & social sport activity. Our beautifully designed electronic squash courts with innovative technology will create a new and exciting sport experience. Fitting TPOINT into outdoor sport activity areas, hotels, universities, private homes, office and residential roof tops around the city. TPOINT requires 100 SQM for a single court to 1500 SQM for 6 courts including social and service areas. For more information on this product please click here

It transforms standard squash courts into interactive training and game centres. Squash players can practice in totally new ways using programs developed in cooperation with professional coaches and players.

interactiveSquash training modules assess and coach; speed, accuracy, technique and conditioning with instant visual feedback and analysis. This world-first allows squash players to see their performance down to each individual shot. They gain valuable insights into their game, supported by personalised statistics. interactiveSquash is an immersive tool for coaches to engage budding squash talent.

The games are designed to get people moving and active like never before. New modes and rules give squash players the option to play solo or cooperatively in conquering a range of exciting content which put their skills, accuracy and fitness to the test.

This internet-connected, smart system will be maintained throughout its lifespan with regular updates. When new games and training programs are published, they are instantly available to download and play in every interactiveSquash court. Fun With Balls GmbH, the company behind interactiveSquash has teamed up with coaches and professional players to develop new features. For more information on this product please click here

Three squash courts in a row with two movable side walls form an ASB GameCourt, which offers the ideal space for a multi functional area with its movable walls.

Every squash court has a surface of 62.5sqm – which can be converted to a multi-functional area of 187sqm.

The areas can be changed according to requirements, which make it possible to use it for a multitude of games and sports.

In addition to squash, doubles squash and badminton it is also possible to play other ball games, like basketball, soccer and volleyball, and also to use it for gymnastics, like aerobics or fitness training.

The areas are usable without any limits and they offer multi functionality and flexibility, also in view of future trend sports. More than 30 different sports can be carried out in this court. The ASB GameCourt is also a show stage for fashion shows, events, disco parties and other top events. An ASB GameCourt increases the attraction of a leisure centre considerably. For more information on this product please click here

The ASB GlassCourt is used for major international tournaments featuring the world’s leading players. The court has been a major feature of the Commonwealth Games, where a movable side wall has instantly converted the playing area into a doubles court.

The glass court has a stunning visual appearance and allows promoters and event organisers to stage major tournaments in superb locations in a creative and innovative fashion. The ASB court is popular among players for providing ideal playing conditions and is acclaimed by the TV industry for creating a dramatic setting that adapts perfectly to the demands of such a high-speed televised sport. For more information on this product please click here